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The team at who were kind enough to call French Market Days a… “Wonderfully Comprehensive Website” – in their article about how to Make the most of local food during your holiday to France. If you are planning a holiday in France is a great resource and well worth a visit!

Ricky Myles at who mentioned that one of his local markets, at Loué wasn’t listed. You can see details of this market in Sarthe at Sarthe (72) – You should also take a close look at Ricky’s great site at – full of great information on this part of France.

Susan Cees at who helped me enormously with the markets of Saône et Loire. You can see the full list of market in Saône et Loire at Saône et Loire (71) – Sue and Cees run Gite and Camping holiday accommodation in Burgundy. If you’re thinking about a holiday in that beautiful part of France you should certainly take a look at their website…

Jayne at Penstemon and Herb Nursery who let us know about the markets at Les Herolles She also mentioned another market every week at St Aout in Indre which she described as… “it’s a big one and very popular. It was no good for us unfortunately but great if you wanted chickens, rabbits and all sorts of other stuff – I think our problem is the product – the french aren’t as familiar with Penstemons as the brits so it’s an uphill struggle!” Jayne runs a nursery at Penstemon and Herb Nursery – you should really take a look at it!

Aidan at Conjugating Irregular Verbs who wrote a lovely article about the Saturday Morning Market at Sommieres. You can see what she had to say at… Sommieres – Gard (30)

Tanya at Tanya in Transition who said… Hi Keith! Lovely idea! Market day in Coustellet is Sunday. It isn’t year-round but it’s especially busy during the summer.

Sara Louise at Sara in le Petit Village for her comments… Great website Keith! I’ve added the link to my blog. I go to the markets in Apt and Forcalquier quite a bit. Next time, I’ll take some photos and see if I can come up with anything for you

Lynda Akin (Mt Washington/Los Angeles) for her wealth of information on the market at Mirepoix – Ariège (09)… You can see what she has to say at Mirepoix market – Ariège (09)

Kalba at Slow Living in the French Pyrénées for her notes… THE two best markets in Ariège are Saint Girons, every Saturday, and Mirepoix, every Monday. Both (but especially St G, though I’m biased) fall into the not-to-be-missed category. Keith – what a mammoth task you’ve set yourself. Let me know if you want some up to date info about Ariège markets …

Michel Augsburger at Our House in Provence for his contribution… Both Vaison La Romaine on Tuesday and Carpentras on Friday in the Vaucluse are morning markets. The former is a wonderful market year round but it is just huge during the summer. I have posted with pictures on our blog about this market.

Ian Mitchell at Chez Mr le Marquis de Galipot for his addition… Very good and very useful – Be a lot of work I would think, getting the details. On this link: you can find a lot of photos of the market here at Vauvert, as you required! Basically any market scene on these albums is Vauvert! Feel free to use them! One thing mentionable, maybe, is the fact that Vauvert is smack bang in the centre of the production areas for just about anything and everything – so the market is cheap, plentiful and high quality product. Wednesdays is smaller than Saturdays, on Saturdays there around 50 or 60 stalls, of ALL types, with “les Halles” in the middle of it all. Good luck!

Fly in the Web at French Leave for her kind words… Angers… the Sunday morning market at Monplaisir…French, Arab and Turkish stalls and a real delight!

Maria Rowley, who said… Hi, what a brilliant idea, maybe you might like to look at the Brocant type market at Maseillan Plage every Saturday and Sunday throught the year, where you can find almost anything and buy and a decent Moules Frites with a free glass of wine from the local co-operatif for a very reasonable price for lunch, then if more liquid refreshment is required they have a Cave selling wines at give away prices. There are a few more markets that might be of interest, Uzes, Pezanas, Bezier, Revel the last one is tiny but brilliant, I can also recommend the market at Clermont-L’Herault.

Narbonne also has a brocant type market every Sunday weather permitting down the whole length of its main through road. One of the best little markets is the one in Meze in the food hall on Sunday mornings only, where you can buy some sublime food, but be early as all the best food goes very quickly, I can recommend the braised Quail. As you may have gathered I’m rather fond of French markets, so when you find a good one its like finding gold dust, so I will mention Revel again, its one of those markets that time has forgotten, if you ever find yourself in that part of the world do visit, but be prepared to be looked at rather suspiciously especially if you are blond and of fair skin, but oh! the food goodies are just superb. If you wish I will keep you informed of any new markets when I next visit which sadly will not be until September, when I will be driving the whole length of central France from Dunkirk to Marseillan. I hope this has been of some use to you.

If you’d like to add any details of your local market days in France, all you need to do is send your text and photos (should you have any) about your favourite French market to

All the best

french market days  Thanks to….   A French Market is more of a social event than a shopping trip!

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