French Market Days

french market days  French Market Days   A French Market is more of a social event than a shopping trip!A French Market is as much a social event as a shopping trip…..

There’s something special about a French Market; somehow it epitomises much of what goes to create the unique character of France – the lack of haste, the gentle friendliness of the people who live here and, above all, an abundance of great produce.

And France has more than its fair share of great markets. is the most comprehensive list of Market days in France that is available on the internet.

We hope that this site is useful to both residents and visitors to France.

Should you know of a market that is not included here, please feel free to suggest its addition by sending us a quick email  to

Remember to include the name of your website (should you have one), so that we can link back to you.

All the best

french market days  French Market Days   A French Market is more of a social event than a shopping trip!

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5 Responses to “French Market Days”

  1. Both Vaison La Romaine on Tuesday and Carpentras on Friday in the Vaucluse are morning markets. The former is a wonderful market year round but it is just huge during the summer. I have posted with pictures on our blog about this market.

    • Keith Eckstein says:

      Hi Michel

      Thanks for this. I’ll update French Market Days on Monday (am busy trying to make the chicken area escape proof at the moment!)

      All the best


  2. Sara Louise says:

    Great website Keith!

    I’ve added the link to my blog.

    I go to the markets in Apt and Forcalquier quite a bit. Next time, I’ll take some photos and see if I can come up with anything for you :-)

  3. Tanya says:

    Hi Keith!

    Lovely idea!

    Market day in Coustellet is Sunday. It isn’t year-round but it’s especially busy during the summer.


  4. Aidan says:

    Hi Keith,
    I’m so glad you’ve done this because I am in love with the markets. I got a fabulous book for my bday on French markets you might like too. It’s published in the US but you can find it on amazon. Let me know if you think it would be useful…
    AND, I need to get Languedoc-Roussillon on your list! There’s a great Saturday market in Sommieres and a vide grenier there on the 12th. I’ll get to work on it!
    All the best,

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